GBA Bank Counsel Section

The GBA Bank Counsel Section was established for two purposes:

  1. To determine unfilled banking-related educational needs that exist among counsel who represent GBA members; and,
  2. To determine how the GBA can more effectively connect with and engage the large number of bank counsel who represent GBA members.

The Section is governed by the Bank Counsel Board of Directors.  Members of the Board  primarily focus on hosting an annual conference and assisting the association on legislation, regulations or litigation in which the association becomes involved. Members of the Board are appointed by the GBA Chairman.

Bank Counsel Section Member List

Bank Counsel Section Membership Application

Membership in the Bank Counsel Section is available under the following terms:

  • Member in good standing of the State Bar of Georgia.
  • Individual membership for bank attorneys, both inside and outside counsel, upon sponsorship by a GBA member.

The mission of GBA's Bank Counsel Section is:

  • To provide a forum for bank counsel to be more knowledgeable in the areas of bank examination, regulation, compliance and the general business of banking;
  • To offer banking-related educational pro­grams for bank counsel;
  • To review legislative, regulatory and adminis­trative issues affecting banks.

The benefits of membership in the Bank Counsel Section include:

  • Members receive all mailings from the GBA including the GBA Bulletin, Legislative Update and educational brochures.
  • Members are eligible to register for any program at the member rate.
  • Members receive continuing legal education credit for those programs approved by the State Bar of Georgia.
  • Members are listed in each edition of the GBA Financial Institutions Directory.
  • Members receive a monthly update from the American Bankers Association on the status of important banking cases around the country.
  • Members have the opportunity to associate with other bank counsel from around the state.

The GBA Chairman appoints the Bank Counsel Section Board of Directors. The Board of Directors of the Section has nineteen (19) members consisting of the Chair, Vice Chair, and Immediate Past Chair, the Association’s General Counsel, three members from each of the Association’s three groups, and six at-large members. 

There are two committees within the Section:

  1. EDUCATION - To assist the GBA staff in determining educational programs needed by bank counsel and to assist the GBA in producing programs which will be approved for CLE credit.
  2. LEGAL ADVISORY - To serve as a resource on legislative, regulatory, administrative and legal issues.

Membership Pricing: $200 annually for individual members that work for member banks or as outside counsel. Applicants must be sponsored by a GBA member.

The normal billing cycle will be consistent with the GBA fiscal year, which begins each July 1. Membership is on an individual, not firm, basis.

For additional information on GBA's Bank Counsel Section, contact Bo Brannen, 404.420.2014.