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GBA Retirement Services, Inc., Board of Directors

The Georgia Bankers Association, through GBA Retirement Services, Inc., began providing pension and profit sharing retirement plans to its members in the early 1970s and added the popular Section 401(k) Plans in 1987. Banks of all sizes, particularly community banks, are offered an affordable way to establish and maintain a retirement plan of the highest caliber. Under a Master Plan approach, the general terms and technical provisions are created in the Master Plan document. The individual bank sponsoring a plan adopts the provisions of the Master Plan and customizes certain terms to meet the needs of the bank and its employees. GBA Master Plans are designed to allow adopting banks a great deal of flexibility in plan design. By establishing a plan in this manner, a bank can avoid the substantial costs involved in establishing a free standing plan. Our GBA Retirement Services programs are designed to make offering such a benefit an easy process.

Behind this program is a great team. Our GBA Retirement Services team works like a family to provide our services with purpose, proficiency and performance. If you are not part of the GBARS family, contact one of our fantastic staff members. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

GBA Retirement Services 401(k) Investment Update Webinar

Unified Trust Company has released an informational webinar with economic updates through second quarter. This has been a “roller coaster” year in the market, and fortunately those who stayed the course have recovered their first quarter losses. In times of uncertainty like this, the oversight of a discretionary trustee and investment manager is extremely beneficial for 401(k) participants who need direction. The majority of participants who are part of the GBA Master Trust are invested in a “Managed Account Option” called the “UnifiedPlan”. The “UnifiedPlan” is a custom portfolio that becomes more conservative automatically the closer a participant gets to retirement age and in which the risk level is set up based on the participant’s retirement readiness and projected retirement success rate. The webinar recording explains in greater details how the UnifiedPlan protects participants, particularly those closer to retirement. To listen to the webinar are your leisure, click here to register.

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