GBA Insurance Trust Disability and Group Accident Plans

Disability Insurance

We have an excellent long-term disability plan to offer employees and spouses. This benefit includes the LifeBalance program that can assist employees in areas from everyday issues from legal, addiction and recovery to education, work and childcare. The Spousal Disability benefit provides additional income to your employees when their spouse suffers the inability to perform certain activities of daily living. The program has an officer and a non-officer benefit.

Employee Long Term Disability Summary

We offer two waiting periods of 90 and 180 days. After the waiting period, the insurance company pays 60% of your current salary to age 67, or for as long as you are disabled. There are graded benefits for employees disabled after age 60.Benefits are integrated with Workers' Compensation, Social Security, and Pension benefits, if you elect to receive them; if you elect to postpone them, then there is no integration.Officers have an "own occupation" definition to age 67, all other employees have an "own occupation" definition for two years. Partial disability benefits are included when eligible.The maximum monthly benefit is $10,000. There is a 3% cost of living benefit increase for the first five years of disability. Recurrent disabilities are considered for up to six months.

Spousal Disability Option Summary

The plan pays the employee a monthly income benefit (officers - $2,000 per month; non-officers - $1,000 per month) for up to two years after their spouse has been seriously disabled for 60 days and cannot perform two of six activities of daily living (ADL). The ADL's are: bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, continence and eating.

Note: These are summaries and not a contract. The Long Term Disability certificate booklet can be found here. Please refer to your employer to see whether a 90-day or 180-day elimination period applies

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Group Accident Plan

The Georgia Bankers Association Insurance Trust, Inc. offers a plan of coverage for employees and their families for accidental death and dismemberment coverage. The policy is underwritten by UNUM/Provident. See the summary of coverage below.

Georgia Bankers Association Insurance Trust, Inc.
Voluntary Group Accident Insurance


Employee Only: $.40 per $10,000 of Coverage

Employee and Family: $.63 per $10,000 of Coverage

Eligibility: All regular full-time employees

Schedule of Insurance



Each Child






































$ 8,000


This is a summary and not a contract.  Please refer to certificate booklet for complete benefit details.

Group Voluntary Accident Plan