Federal Legislative and Regulatory Issues for Georgia Banks

The Georgia Bankers Association represents the banking industry to members of the Georgia General Assembly, members of the Georgia U.S. Congressional delegation and various state agencies.

The U.S. Congress has been extremely active on all issues of interest to our members.

GBA Regulatory and Legislative Priorities

  • To promote the general welfare and usefulness of banking and the preservation of a sound banking system.
  • Support policy and regulatory actions that enable lending and foster job creation.
  • Remove excessive regulation and other barriers to serving families, businesses and our hometowns.
  • Advocate for continued charter choice and a level playing field with non-bank financial services providers.

Issues Summaries and Resources

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Farm Credit Reform
Resources for action and stark, easy-to-understand facts about the risks posed by the FCS’ implicit Treasury backing, the waste generated by its unfair tax advantages and the missed opportunities resulting from the FCS’ neglect of its core mission.