GBA Bank Accountant Section

The GBA Bank Accountant Section was formed in 2018 for accountants who represent or are employed by GBA member banks. The purpose is to foster information sharing about key accounting issues, improve skills within the community of professionals doing accounting-related work for banks, identify, study and establish consensus on key advocacy and policy positions and strengthen professional connections.

The Section hosts a Bank Accountant Conference each fall concurrently with the GBA President and CEO and Bank Counsel conferences. Employees of banks with accounting responsibilities and Associate Member Accounting firms are invited to the conference.

Membership Eligibility

An individual is eligible if he or she is an accountant, performs accounting, tax or related duties and is employed directly by a member bank. Accounting firms that are Associate Members of the Association are automatically eligible for section membership.

Application for Membership

Associate Member accounting firms and individuals working for member banks should provide written notice of intent to join the section to GBA President and CEO, Joe Brannen, Individuals should include their full contact information and a brief summary of their credentials and responsibilities describing the accounting, tax or related duties preformed for the bank.


The Section is governed by the Bank Accountant Section Board of Directors comprised of one member appointed by each of the GBA Associate Member Accounting Firms.


There are no additional dues required beyond those paid by member banks or Associate Member accounting firms.

With questions, contact any of the following:

Joe Brannen, GBA President and CEO,, 404.420.2026
David Oliver, SVP, Member Solutions,, 404.420.2036
Bo Brannen, Director, Member Services,, 404.420.2014