GBA Conferences

GBA Conferences are detailed, in-depth programs targeted toward specific groups of banking professionals. Conferences generally are formatted in either one-day or two-day formats, providing attendees ample learning and networking opportunities.

Conference Lineup

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Bank Accountant Fall
Bank Counsel Fall
Compliance Fall
Credit Fall
Financial Risk Management Fall
Human Resources Spring
Leadership Summer
Marketing Spring
Operations and Technology Spring
President & CEO Fall
Rural Development & Lending Spring
Bank Security Spring
Women in Banking Summer

How They're Planned

For each conference, a separate committee is responsible for the year's curriculum. Committee members are chosen from experienced, active bankers who are leaders in their fields.

Who Participates

Professional bankers from around Georgia who are decision-makers or have day-to-day responsibilities attend their specific topical conference.

Sponsorships and Exhibits

At many of our conferences, Associate Members are given a priority opportunity to serve as sponsors or exhibitors to maximize the conference experience of the bankers attending. Putting together bankers interested in a particular field with these other professionals serving our industry has proven to be a winning combination. Please click here to learn more about sponsoring or exhibiting.