GBA Insurance Trust Partner: Wellview

The GBA Insurance Trust has partnered with Wellview to offer personalized health and well-being support to its members. Wellview's mission is to inspire all its members to find what works for them to live a healthy, balanced life. This starts with a personal relationship with a Wellview Health Advisor as well as access to a full Care Team of Mental Health Specialists, Registered Dietitians, Personal Trainers, Diabetes Specialists, and more.

Wellview services are available at no cost to participating GBA Insurance Trust banks and all health plan members. To learn more about Wellview and their services visit our Concierge Page , checkout out the Wellview TeleMedicine page, or click on the image below.

To learn more about how your bank can get the most from Wellview (or to get started!), contact Bethany Bishop at or call 615.475.7501 ext. 113.