GBA's Career Paths for Bankers™

GBA’s Career Paths for Bankers™ is the most unique, organized and easy-to-use career development resource available for bankers and banks. GBA’s pioneering Career Paths for Bankers resource is unique to any other bank association’s career development offerings.

How is it unique? We’ve done all the work for you to define the 45 most important and common positions in Georgia’s banks. We’ve specified the competencies needed to be successful in those jobs, and we’ve mapped them directly to the specific GBA learning and development opportunities already available. And, it’s all available free, here on the GBA web site.

So, it’s never been easier to map your own career or to help shape the careers of your talented employees.

  • Easier for bankers: Find…your position and positions you aspire to, whether you're in lending, retail or finance & operations. You then can see the exact competencies for success and specific GBA sponsored professional development opportunities for each. You can even register through the site for conferences, seminars and other professional or educational offerings.

With questions, please contact GBA's Alison Moreau at 404.420.2034.

Career Paths for Bankers™ is a trademark of the Georgia Bankers Association.