Deluxe Corporation

About Deluxe
Building on its legacy as one of the top check producers in the North America, Deluxe has evolved into a trusted and valued advisor to financial institutions and small businesses. Being successful in today’s financial arena means being flexible to the ever-changing demands and preferences of account holders. For more than 95 years, Deluxe has mastered the art and science of making connections through measurable, sustainable programs for customer acquisition and growth; payments, fraud protection and security; small business marketing and supplies; and non-interest income generation.

Read this white paper from GBA Strategic Partner Deluxe for six steps that can help financial institutions increase the profitability of their check programs.

Products &Services
Customer Acquisition & Growth Programs: There are customers and then there are the right customers. We use intelligent targeting and in-branch experience designed to help you create a growth strategy for bringing in those most-profitable customers as well as anchor and retain them.

Payment & Security Programs: To create tomorrow's relationships; offer your account holders the choices they want today. From payment options that meet the needs of your consumer and small business customers to security services that protect you against account fraud and your account holders against identity theft, we have the tools to gain their trust, earn their loyalty and keep them coming back again and again.

Daily Financial Management: Community bank CEOs, CFOs and their teams need to know their bank's current and projected financial position at all times - not just at the end of the month. Banker's Dashboard is a management tool that saves you time and money by providing instant, daily access to your bank's total financial picture.

Kevin Jefferson