GBA Compensation and Benefits Survey

GBA’s 2017 Compensation and Benefits Survey is now available to help you with your budgeting for next year. Results include data about new or updated titles and/or job descriptions for eight positions: Compliance Specialist, BSA Analyst/Specialist, BSA Officer, Residential Mortgage Underwriter, Small Business Loan Officer, E-Commerce Head, Accounts Payable Clerk, and Administrative Assistant. And, the benefits results section is in a new format with charts, graphs and online accessibility.

There's no cost to participate in the survey each year, and banks that complete both components get the survey results for the discounted rate of $150 ($400 for non-participants, $600 for Associate Members). If you would like more information, please contact either GBA’s David Oliver, 404.420.2036, or Randy McGraw at Matthews, Young - Management Consulting, 919.644.6962.